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April 02 2015

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concepts for some new girls

March 28 2015

feeling alot better, will be streaming a few times this week to make up for last week

March 26 2015

sigh, i hate spring, with its allergies and sickness, hopefully i’ll be better soon enough to stream some more stuff this week

March 21 2015

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one more

March 20 2015

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some finished sketch commissions

Emergency Commissions: Help me pick up my Uncle’s ashes


So last year my Uncle on my mother’s side passed away in Los Angeles and we only found out a month ago. Next week from Sunday to Tuesday we’re trekking to LA to get’em. It’s been an emotional month for my mom and family to say the least so productivity has been down to help my mom…

March 18 2015

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This is how OCs are born

March 17 2015

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Colo’s demongirl and mel 

March 16 2015

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A sketchpage of mabel

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Making a new OC is hard 

March 15 2015

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Learning how to draw satsuki from her refs (requested pic)

March 12 2015



Multistreaming with Colo on Vanilly’s channel!

finally done with class project, time for more drawings!

March 09 2015

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working on something for sarikyou

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nipple grab preview (ft.vanilly)

March 08 2015

Looking for requests for some neat characters to draw (manga,anime,videogame, etc) 

what you guys got?

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